Zona Franca de Occidente


Zona Franca de Occidente S.A.S. Operator User is a 554,908 m² Permanent Free Trade Zone located in the municipality of Mosquera, Cundinamarca. Since its creation in 2008, it has sought to strengthen the competitiveness of its users and investors who develop industrial and service activities through reliable and safe operating and administrative processes that comply with the current legal framework of the Free Trade Zone Regime in Colombia.

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“Every day we confirm that important things are happening here and that the name of Colombia in the world has acquired a new meaning and we are living a unique moment for our country.”

Benefits of the Free Zone

Partial nationalization of raw materials or finished products.

International logistics distribution from ZFO to the world.

Free movement of goods from ZFO to ports and free warehouses.

Unlimited time storage.

Purchase and sale of products without VAT.

Construction of warehouses & offices without VAT.

No tariffs or VAT are paid for the purchase of goods related to the User’s economic activity.

No payment of tariffs on raw materials, capital goods, machinery.

Wide range of activities allowed in business.

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