Zona Franca de Occidente becomes a member of the Colombo British Chamber of Commerce

A new strategic ally joins Zona Franca de Occidente. On this occasion, we announce our incorporation as members of the Colombo British Chamber of Commerce.

England, one of the oldest and most consistent economy in the world is a business objective for any company with internationalization goals. Located within the top 5 economies of the world, being able to have an approach to this commercial giant is not only an opportunity; also a challenge.

With a view to exploring this important European market, we have recently become members of the Colombo British Chamber of Commerce. We see this alliance as a new step for ZFO, in which we hope to strengthen our relations with the European community and be able to transfer the benefits of this society to all our users.

Regarding the commercial, we recognize the importance of the link that we recently formed which we are sure will bring great opportunities for both parties. We are expectant of the opportunities that we can create from the hand of such an important ally and we hope that this alliance will be configured as prosperous and lasting.