Customs benefits


No payment of tariff + VAT for capital goods, equipment, supplies and spare parts coming from abroad.

Customs clearance of the goods at the moment the goods are sold or withdrawn to Colombia (National Customs Territory – TAN).

Unlimited storage of foreign goods without payment of customs duties.

Partial clearance: Companies can carry out partial clearance of their inventory in order to alleviate their cash flow.

Grouping transport documents into a single import declaration.

Temporary withdrawals for processes in Colombia or Rest of the World: Users may temporarily withdraw from ZFO raw materials, intermediate goods and final goods to be subject to partial processes in Colombia or the rest of the world.

Temporary retirement for repair: Industrial users can temporarily remove from ZFO capital goods, parts, spare parts, without nationalizing to repair them in Colombia.

Customs extraterritoriality.

Income of the goods to Colombia with the payment of tariffs and VAT on the foreign component.

The added value aggregated in ZFO is considered domestic

Simplified customs processes, due to the fact that the Goods Movement Form (FMM) issued by the Operator User acts as DEX.

Domestic Added Value: Considered as a national added value and therefore not part of the basis for calculating the tariff, raw materials and inputs of Colombian origin, and those of foreign origin in respect of which import duties have been paid . Likewise, labor included in the free zone is considered a national added value.

Customs Transit: Customs transit operations are authorized from ports and international airports to ZFO as well as between ZFO and other free zones, allowing to move the goods without the payment of duty or VAT.