Zona Franca de Occidente supports entrepreneurship

More and more companies are growing and strengthening from something that begins as a dream, and with effort and dedication becomes reality. Entrepreneurship has become a pillar of Colombia’s growth as a nation; In fact, it has led the government to propose strategies to strengthen this new axis of the economy, making it become a relevant system for the future of Colombia.

Hand in hand with the Chamber of Free Trade Zones of ANDI and in the framework of the first Business Relations Conference of Users of Free Trade Zones and Businessmen of Future ANDI, we had the pleasure to approach some of these entrepreneurs with the opportunity to meet a little more about these business initiatives that represent in themselves the coming paths in economic and social matters for our country.

ZFO supports and joins the promising future of Colombian entrepreneurs, opening the door to a variety of plans and strategies that allow their consolidation, positioning and development at a national and international level.

We are Colombia and we are part of Associations like the ANDI, which commit us to do more every day to strengthen our economy and give us the hand to join forces.