Exporting platform

PPI internationalization plan

parque zona franca
  • ZFO has its Promotion Plan for Internationalization (PPI), which is structured for the benefit of all ZFO users.
  • It seeks the internationalization of the free zone in 3 large dimensions.
    • Attraction of investment and foreign reinvestment.
    • Development and revitalization of foreign trade operations (income and exits) with the Rest of the World.
    • Development of Synergy and Productive Chaining.
  • Likewise, the plan aims at the development of sectors classified as key to the growth of ZFO as an industrial park.
  • ZFO has established strategic alliances with entities that promote foreign trade and investment, such as ProColombia and Invest in Bogotá.
  • The work of these promoting entities has been fundamental in the building objective of the ZFO Users’ export strategy.
  • These alliances have allowed the development of ZFO as an export platform, implementing joint programs such as FuturExpo.

Multi-sectorial industrial park

Zona Franca de Occidente is an industrial park established in a territory declared as a multi-user free zone, which allows the qualification of companies from different sectors, which offers the possibility of consolidating supply chains and clusters to the interior, which in addition to the intrinsic benefits , it constitutes benefits in chain that allow the internal exchange between users and gear of processes without need of additional procedures.