Occidental Free Trade Zone receives recognition in the “Global Free Zones of the year 2018” awards

As part of the XXII Americas  Free Trade Zone Conference, fDi Intelligence, center of excellence of the Financial Times newspaper, it was awarded the prize as one of the best free zones in the world for expansions.

If there is anything that has stood out in the Occidental Free Trade Zone during the last 10 years is the progress and growth of its users. Being one of the main focuses of attention within the organization, the continuous support to the industrialists in their improvement and expansion plans has allowed us to glimpse notorious success stories.

A large company such as BBraun Surgical, one of the most important producers of suture threads in the world, has managed to stand out for its rapid growth as a user of the Occidental Free Trade Zone. Going from a production of 300,000 units in November of 2017 to 1,000,000 by April 2018, they have become a benchmark in terms of optimizing their operation to achieve this accelerated growth. Another outstanding case has been that of Ecostor Industries, a company dedicated to the development of technologies for the proper handling of volatile products in the oil industry, which has found in The Occidental Free Trade Zone an ally for its internationalization plans and can tell its own story about of the expansion it has achieved in recent years. The foregoing refers only to some of the many success stories presented within our 36 users.

In this regard, the general manager of Occidental Free Trade Zone, Rosa Maria Gamarra, comments: “One the main objectives for the administration has always been the progress it’s users. In themselves, they are our reason for being and their growth is inherent to our own. Much of the work we are doing together with our strategic allies is geared towards this sense: Users can rely on us to expand, see the opportunities that exist and take advantage of them “.

Occidental Free Trade Zone has strong alliances with organizations such as Procolombia whose objective is precisely that, to ensure that these industries correctly structure their internationalization plans and develop into broader commercial panoramas. It should be noted that in addition to Procolombia and the representation of its “Country Brand”, Occidental Free Trade Zone also has partnerships with entities such as the Colombian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Colombian Chilean Chamber Commerce and the Colombian British Chamber of Commerce. All the benefits of these alliances are transferred as much as possible to the users of the free trade zone.

This award is only the beginning of promising future paths for the Occidental Free Trade Zone and its users. Not only will efforts continue to remain one of the best free zones for expansions, but all the work to be the best free trade zone in the world is going to be increased and intensified.