Zona Franca de Occidente and Marca País Colombia announce alliance

The Zona Franca de Occidente (ZFO), located in Mosquera, Cundinamarca, and which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary, joins ProColombia and Marca País to make visible the operation of national and foreign entrepreneurs and investors that contribute to the development and competitiveness of Colombia .


With this alliance, this industrial park has a license to use the label of the Marca Pais, a commitment that maximizes the recognition of the quality of national and foreign business that believes in Colombia, promotes economic growth and drives linked companies, artists and athletes to commit to work for the development of the nation and to contribute to improve its image abroad, this task of social responsibility increases the attractiveness of the participating brands.


The ZFO is one of the 112 free zones with which Colombia counts and is an important logistic and commercial space that contributes to push the modernization of industries such as metalworking, chemistry, plastic and pharmaceutical; agro food, textiles, infrastructure and construction and logistics services.


From the Zona Franca de Occidente operate multinationals such as the German medical industry and devices B. Braun, the Salvadorian import and export services Asimex, or the Colombian Logistics Blu Logistics, among other national and foreign firms, which have found under the franco regime a platform for its internationalization.


José Pablo Arango, manager of Marca País Colombia, assures that the alliance between the Zona Franca de Occidente and Marca País, contributes to the strategy of showing the world the best of Colombia and motivates more foreign and Colombian businessmen to be ambassadors and share the message of the competitive advantages offered by the country as an investment and business location. “The promotion strategy, led by ProColombia, aims to close the gap between the perception and the reality of our country and reflect positive aspects that are still unknown by many, including the tax incentives of the free zone regime, which has facilitated the installation of hundreds of multinationals throughout our territory. ”

For her part, Rosa María Gamarra, general manager of the Zona Franca de Occidente, affirms that “it is an honor for Zona Franca de Occidente to be part of a program so successful and as patriotic as Marca País Colombia, Every day we confirm that here important things are happening and that the name of Colombia in the world has acquired a new meaning and we are living a unique moment for our country, since the ZFO every day we are working to make Colombia a better destination for investment and business expansion “.


The Zona Franca de Occidente offers tax and customs incentives, such as the payment of a special rental rate of 20%, 0% tariff and 0% VAT for capital goods and raw materials, as well as the VAT exemption for the                                                                                       construction of warehouses and offices and discounts in industry and                                                                                       commerce taxes.

According to Dane reports, between January and May of 2018 exports from the Zona Franca de Occidente reflect an important growth with sales of US $ 2,821 million compared to US $ 130 million in the same period of 2017.