Sustainable management


  • At ZFO we are committed to the development of projects that contribute to the companies environmental management and the community in general, developing our process in a sustainable manner.
  • Continuous improvement and compliance with standards in our environmental performance have been included in our value chain.
  • To achieve this, we have developed a relationship and environmental articulation system in which strategic projects that seek to make efficient use of resources and create an environmental culture in the community are framed.
  • ZFO was awarded the “CAR Environmental Recognition for Sustainable Companies” at the PROACTIVE company level in its 2017-2018 version. Achievement obtained through the formulation and implementation of Cleaner Production Projects – PML.

Global Compact - NNUU

  • The United Nations Global Compact is an initiative that promotes the commitment of the private sector, public and civil society to align their strategies and operations with ten universally accepted principles in four thematic areas: Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Fight Against Corruption, as well as contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals (ODS).
  • Global Compact is considered a framework of action that facilitates the social legitimization of businesses and markets.
  • ZFO is part of the United Nations Global Compact, it respects the principles of human, labor, environmental and anti-corruption rights in all its activities.
  • ZFO encourages the human and labor rights principles compliance by supporting entrepreneurs and co-owners with the search for skilled labor for their industry or services. Thus, to achieve this, ZFO has a strategic alliance with SENA, training young people in its different programs.
  • In the principles related to the environment ZFO has developed a strategic alliance with the CAR, being an anchor company in all its programs, giving the Zona Franca de Occidente a CAR environmental recognition to sustainable companies.
  • In the principles related to anti-corruption, we have implemented a SARLAFT system.