Occidental Free Trade Zone with highly competitive energyZona Franca de Occidente awarded as “A Sustainable Company” by the CAR (Regional Autonomous Corporation)

Committed to the environment, in Zona Franca de Occidente, we have had a careful approach to the natural resources around multiple strategies that have allowed us to structure the concept of an environmentally sustainable industrial park.

Due  to the above in March of this year we received the Environmental Recognition for Sustainable Companies CAR 2017 – 2018, which highlights once again the scope of our environmental management plans.

With a range of environmental management plans developed and controlled by our environmental management department, a variety of projects have been developed, among which stand out:

  1. Damping lagoon: it has been built with an effective rainwater storage capacity of 11,000 m3. On average, 48 m3 are daily loaded in the industrial park tank car destined for free use by our industrialists in their specific requirements, as well as maintenance of green areas, which is the basis of our rainwater reuse plan.
  2. Waste recovery and / or disposal management: In order to reduce the amount of waste generated within the Free Trade Zone and dispose of them properly, recycling campaigns are carried out periodically with related companies trying to valorize the greatest variety and quantity of materials. In that sense, during the year 2017, 253.47 tons of recyclable material from the users were recovered. The disposition of all materials is certified by the management company that is responsible for its collection and integration back into production chains which translates into reduction of the cleaning fee for our users.
  3. Ecological points: Points both in the green areas and in the works of the free zone to contribute to the cleanliness and cleaning of environment.
  4. Collection center: Solid waste collection center that has a modern infrastructure according to the standards of quality and technology to carry out this activity. We have a compacting machine with a wide capacity that allows to reduce to the maximum the volume of usable solid waste that is adequately stored in a rack for its commercialization and reuse, a process that generates an optimal use of the materials and allows to create the culture of Recycling, Recover, Reuse and Reduce.
  5. Collection centers in works and carpentry workshop: Collection centers have been built within the works in order to make an adequate separation of the surplus materials of the constructions to be disposed and / or valued, in addition to the reuse of the Excess wood has been arranged a space for the collection of wood from user activities and convert it into fabric forms or other objects that can be made with this material to serve as embellishment to the common areas of the industrial park or for the use of our industrials.

The previous plans have led to Zona Franca de Occidente to be recognized for its good practices in terms of environmental management, which confirms our approach, whose expansion projections we continue working to connect more sustainable future projects in our park