Occidental Free Trade Zone receives three awards during 2018

For it’s successful work in sustainable environmental management, growth of its users and corporate social responsibility, Occidental Free Trade Zone received three awards so far this year. These excellent practices that give rise to new recognitions, are not limited to the growth and productivity of the industrialists in the free zone; they are also good practices that allow the transfer of benefits to Colombian society, making it one of the most outstanding free zones in the country.


FDi Intelligence, the center of excellence of the Financial Times newspaper, recognized the free zone as one of the best in the world for expansions. The recognition was given after seeing how many of the users of ZFO had an accelerated growth since its installation in the park and in particular the successful case of BBraun, one park user who went from a production of 300,000 units in November 2017 to 1,000,000 for April 2018.


Support to the social responsibility programs of the city of Mosquera, also gave rise to an acknowledgement by this entity, since ZFO has tried to articulate efforts with the mayor’s office  not only in matters of corporate social responsibility, It also seeks to carry out joint actions that lead to the welfare of the most vulnerable population in the municipality.



In addition, at the end of the year, the outstanding free trade zone received a recognition given by the Colombian British Chamber of Commerce in obtaining the second place in its awards for corporate social responsibility “Lazos” as best program in management of environmental practices. The different plans that have been carried out within the park in environmental matters (always oriented to provide sustainable options to the users of the free zone) includes plans for reusing recyclable materials and rainwater in industrial processes that take place inside the park.


The balance is very positive for ZFO and the work on strengthening a positive impact on behalf of people and the environment will continue. For the Occidental Free Trade Zone, a sustainable development, in which its projection and growth has a social impact, is and will continue to be, a fundamental part of it.