Tradeservice Group INC: Experience, vision and future projection for the benefit of Colombian industry and commerce

Thirteen years of experience in the market are not improvised, this is why Tradeservice Group Inc., a company of the Blu Logistics Group (Colombian group leader in the provision of integrated logistics solutions since 1995), in a constant search to offer added value to its customers in the supply chain, was born as an Industrial User of the Franco Regime in 2005, in an area of 100 square meters. with the great challenge of convincing the Colombian importing companies that nationalized their products in port and the exporters, to do so through this model, taking advantage of the great benefits it brings with them such as unlimited time of goods permanence, partial clearance, optimization of cash flow; manufacture, transformation, assembly, maquila with foreign raw materials without tax payment for export; among others.

The task was not easy, but this innovative proposal gave so relevant results that were so relevant for the companies and the demand for these services grew in such a way that Tradeservice Group Inc. had to expand its installed capacity and that is why it moved to the Zona Franca de Occidente. of the West in 2011, which met the requirements of the area to carry out the operation and from the beginning showed a high willingness to offer an agile and timely service; That is how a 5,500-square meters warehouse was built. which, in turn, was extended to 15,000 square meters. Today, projects involving industrial processes of goods and services are planned and structured according to each one of its clients needs from different sectors (automotive, textile, cosmetics, technology, commerce, etc.), such as: conditioning of products, inventory management, partial processing, separation of goods and order picking; packaging, re-packaging, unification of merchandise, labeling, maquila, development and processing of exits from export processing zone, international physical distribution center; and many more.

The confidence deposited by the customers also implies responsibility and that is why Tradeservice Group Inc. is certified by BASC (COLBOG00623) and ISO 28000 (BBOG-0003), which endorse the management of the supply chain to minimize the risk of security incidents and the promotion of a secure trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations, differentiating factors that have earned  recognition in the sector. It is also worth mentioning the committed work of more than 250 collaborators employed by the company between direct and indirect positions, who have the necessary training, experience and level of expertise to meet the demands that this type of operation demands.

Tradeservice Group Inc. is a history of vision and commitment to the future in which its founding partners have believed and for which they have worked hard, a great Colombian project that was devised 13 years ago, has grown organically and today is a great allied for the productive sector in Colombia; bringing with it growth, efficiency for companies and competitiveness for the country; undoubtedly, the Zona Franca de Occidente has been part of this success and growth.