Regio Tram getting closer

One of the most anticipated projects for the coming years is the commissioning of the light rail (Regio Tram) that will link Bogota with the municipalities of Mosquera, Madrid, Funza and Facatativa and which is expected to significantly reduce travel times between these municipalities. The project that will consist of 41 kilometers and which will promote the development of these neighboring municipalities to the capital will be awarded in the month of September which makes it an increasingly closer reality.

The light rail that will be a neighbor of Zona Franca de Occidente promises to encourage the social and industrial development of the region. Added to the above, being a modern project, it will allow safe and environmentally sustainable mobility between Bogotá and some of its surrounding municipalities.

Parallel to the Regio Tram, we also look forward to the arrival of other projects that would guarantee the sustained development of this region of Cundinamarca, such as El Dorado II Airport, which will be located a short distance from Zona Franca de Occidente.

Construction works for the light rail are expected to begin next year and to reach the completion around one million people will benefit.


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