ZFO wins second place in Lazos Awards from the Colombian British Chamber of Commerce for its work in sustainable environmental management

Last Thursday, the Lazos Awards ceremony was held in Bogotá.  An initiative of Colombian British Chamber of Commerce to encourage corporate social responsibility. Companies from different sectors attended the event showing their brilliant work for the people and sustainability.

Many of the social programs presented during the awards show how a company can forge its development with the people who surround them in their productive processes, focused on how their activity have positive impacts on society and it’s environment. The companies nominated for the Lazos Awards are an example of how a company can grow around good practices, with a vision towards the future of the planet and society, never limiting itself to immediacy.

Occidental Free Trade Zone participated in this program because of its work in sustainable management, and won the second place. Their buffer lagoon that allows the use of rainwater by the industrials in the park, a collection center of recyclable material with which their users can obtain discounts in their administration fee through the sale of some of its waste, a reuse workshop through which surplus material is reuse, like wood to make construction forms or decorative elements, and a residual waste water treatment plant with which it is possible to treat the domestic waste water generated by the users of the free trade zone; ZFO industrial park stood out for its work in the environmental sustainability field.

It should be noted that earlier this year, the CAR (autonomous corporation of Cundinamarca), an entity in charge of supervising the environmental impact of industries in the department, had also recognized Occidental Free Trade Zone as a sustainable company. Since its beginnings this industrial park, has had a constant commitment to the environment. In the words of its manager, Rosa Maria Gamarra: “From ZFO we would like to encourage more companies to adopt sustainable practices with the environment. We are at a point where we must draw our growth from practices that will guarantee  future generations that will find a better world. It is time to become aware and materialize actions aimed at reducing those negative impacts, of which we already see effects in the world, to transform them into positive facts”.

Looking for a better world, that must be the focus of the action plans of all companies and of course of all people. Visualize the environment with specific objectives, always oriented to generate well-being and with projection to the future will allow to build a better society. From ZFO they highlight the work of the nominated companies; they are an example for the country and the world.